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Should You Sell Your Porn At

As we continue to make more and more porn, we also look for more and more places to sell our porn. This often means testing the waters at a variety of sites to see if it's worth uploading our collection of 250+ videos to them or not. If you'd like to see where else we sell and how much we make each month, read our Porn Report series.

This post will be about and whether you should sell your videos at Rather than drag this question out, I'll just give you the answer: NO. No, you should NOT sell your videos at and here's why...

1. It's a small time site. While this alone isn't a big deal, it just doesn't seem to get much traffic overall. I don't get any messages, friend requests, etc. Not a single one. On just about any other site I deal with a constant stream of messages, comments, friend requests, etc every day. To not have anything here tells me this site is dead.

2. No sales. We have had around 50 videos li…

Porn Report: Nine Months In. How Much Money We Make In Porn

We're a full 9 months into our pornographic lifestyle. We're still releasing new videos every day and we now have 225+ videos on Pornhub!

During November of 2019, we did around 400,000 video views on Pornhub which is a drop of around 150k views when compared to October. Ouch. Subscribers jumped over 1,600 which is still good even if not as good as the 1,800 we gained in October.

So why did views fall so much? It seems to mostly be tied to the Pornhub ranking system which has been out for a while now but recently had some bugs and so they re-did the ranking system. We were ranking in the high 300s (meaning, we were in the top 400 of all amateur porn models on Pornhub) but dropped to around 700. Right as that change happened we watched our daily views drop. Not a big deal to us but clearly it made a negative impact on views and money which we'll get to soon.

The ranking seems to be directly tied to performance (no secret there) but it seemed like when we had a lower (better)…

Cheap Bastards - And How Not To Be One

Guys, we need to talk. You have a serious problem we need to work on. If you've read Manners & Etiquette: How Not To Message MILF Stella then you already know how shitty you are at communicating with women. If you haven't stop and read it now.

If you read that blog post and skip to the Free Stuff section I talk a little about tipping your favorite porn stars and porn models. Most of us make porn to make money. Sure, many of us also enjoy making porn and fucking but at the end of the day, at least for people like me, this is a full time job and I need to earn money. All of that lingerie, lube, lighting, cameras, etc isn't cheap. And around $9,000 USD worth of new boobs doesn't pay itself off.

I do my best to let you stream as many as my videos as possible for free on Pornhub. But that alone doesn't bring in a ton of money, not enough to live off of. I also sell videos there (and other sites) but on top of that it's common courtesy to send tips. Think about a…