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Manners & Etiquette: A Guide To Communicating With Porn Stars & Sex Workers

Guys. And girls. But, really, it's probably just the guys that I'm targeting on this one. Regardless, pay attention. This is important stuff. You probably would love to communicate with your favorite porn star, right? Or maybe you're going to use the services of an escort or some other sex worker or somebody in the sex industry.

That would be fun, wouldn't it? It helps the fantasy and all of that. I get it. We get it. We enjoy communicating with our fans, for real! But there is some stuff you need to know about first: manners and etiquette.

I know you are aware of these terms, at least as a concept and theory. But it seems like many of you forgot about these things and think it's okay to communicate with us without any manners whatsoever. So let's cover what not to do and instead what you should do when communicating with your favorite porn stars or sex workers of any kind.

Please note that if you're an escort or something like that and don't consider y…

Getting Started In Porn - Part 3: Lighting

The biggest mistake everyone in porn seems to make is with lighting, or lack of lighting actually. We made the same mistake and our first videos suffered because of it. So we'll share what we've learned and maybe it will help you improve your video quality.
Why Lighting? First off, we need to cover what lighting does for your videos. Right, it let's you see the video! But here's the thing, most people think that because they can see in the room they're shooting that the camera can as well. But it doesn't work like that.

Your room may seem bright to your eyes but cameras require a lot more light to truly capture colors and details. If you don't have enough light in your room your video will end up very dark and very grainy, or what's known as "noise" in the camera world. If you want to get into the techy stuff, look into the "ISO settings" on your camera.

Bottom line? You want to make your room as bright as you can so add lighting! In…