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Is Squirt Real Or Just Pee?

I don't know what the fascination with "squirt" is when it comes to porn. Guys seem to love it though. Not sure what squirt is? It's when a girl squirts liquid out of her vagina during some sort of sexual act. It can be anything from a small dribble to a spray that could put out a California wildfire!

But what is squirt exactly? It's not female "cum", that's entirely different. Many want to believe that squirt is its own thing for some reason. The reality is that squirt is piss. That's right, it's just piss. Pee. Urine. Nothing more.

Many have debated this for years but it is a medical fact that squirt is pee. We can site many medical websites but you can Google that as well and pick your favorite site to confirm it or read this well respected medical site. Think about it, do you really think girls walk around with a tank of some magical liquid they squirt out when your manliness makes them orgasm extra good?

Still not convinced? Watch where…

Porn Report: Eight Months In. Seasonal Dips?

Here we are with eight months of amateur porn to show from our new life. We're still releasing new videos every day and we now have almost 200 videos on Pornhub!

During October of 2019, we did around 553,000 video views on Pornhub which is about 16% better than in September. We gained over 1,800 new subscribers, over 20% more than in September. So we're growing which is exciting!
Show Me The Money We both know you're here for one reason and that's to learn how much money we're making in our porn empire. First, you might want to see what we did last time around to get up to speed, so you can read that here.

So let's dig into the numbers and see how much money we made making amateur porn during the month of October 2019 (all in USD, rounding to whole dollars)... = $586 = $207 = $15 = $20 = $39 = $0 = $8

OCTOBER 2019 TOTAL = $875

Total dollars by month from all sites combined...

Manners & Etiquette: How Not To Message MILF Stella

You have a problem. If you stumbled onto this please read and learn. If you were sent here because you messaged me and I gave you this link then REALLY read it and PAY ATTENTION before you message me back.

If I sent you this link it's because you're clueless. But don't worry, I'm not upset with you. Well, I might be but only if you were really rude or called me names. Regardless, I want to help you be a better person and a better communicator. I want to help you talk to women because, obviously, you don't know how or I wouldn't have sent this link to you!
Being Rude When talking with any women, manners and etiquette are very important as I covered in Manners & Etiquette: A Guide To Communicating With Porn Stars & Sex Workers. Nobody likes rude people so why on earth would you think it's okay to be rude to a women that you don't even know? Well, maybe it's because you don't know what rude is so let me explain.

Rude is calling me a name ot…

Should I Buy From B&H Photo? In Short, NO!

If you're at all serious about making porn then you need to learn how to edit your videos. Sure, amateur porn can be as simply as point your iThing at your junk and uploading it. But real pro-amateurs know that video editing is a key to success.

As I've talked about here and here, the best video editing software is Davinci Resolve. Even better, it's 100% free! But they also offer a paid version known as Davinci Resolve Studio. It's the same as the free version with some extra bells and whistles that the majority of porn makers will never need.

Davinci Resolve (DR) is free but Davinci Resolve Studio (DRS) costs around $300 USD. So why pay $300 for features you'll never need? Most of you wouldn't and that's okay. But Stefano and I got to a point where we're making money in porn (see our Porn Reports for the exact amounts) and we felt that it was only right that we purchase DRS for $300 as a way to support them for helping us make money.

In this day of ele…

My Crappy Experience With

For those that follow my blog or our life of porn, you know that we sell a lot of porn in a lot of places. I'm always looking for new websites and new audiences that may be interested in our videos so I'm always trying new sites to sell on.

One that I was hoping to test with is called which is the same people who also run Unfortunately, my initial experience with was so bad that I canceled my account with them before even getting to upload. It was so bad that I want to share my experience here so others can avoid the hassle I had.

My issue with is one of privacy, or lack thereof. During the sign up process they ask for a phone number. I'm not a fan of giving out my phone number to anyone, much less a porn site. But I do understand that sometimes it is needed for legal reasons and sometimes to send a one time code to verify an account so I'm okay with that.

So I entered my phone number with the intention of changing …

What To Do When Your Secret Porn Life Is Discovered By Friends & Family

So you want to make porn and remain anonymous, right? Then stop right now and do NOT make any porn! That's it. Period. You simply cannot make porn videos and expect to remain anonymous forever. Being found out in this world is not about IF, it's about WHEN.

I know what you're thinking here. You'll wear a mask and nobody will recognize you. Only, they will. We all know who batman is. Okay, so you'll edit your porn so your entire head is NEVER shown. Well, that may slow down the recognition but it won't stop it.

People who know you know what your body looks like. Maybe it's a tattoo, a piercing, a birthmark, or just your body shape and style. Maybe your cat walks by in a video. Or maybe your room is recognizable. I mean, how many people bought that ugly orange couch from Ikea! Whatever it is, it's recognizable to those who know you. I wear a mask and always knew the best it would do is slow down being recognized. In fact, I get more people who think I'…