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Vimeo: A Case Study In Assery

So I've recently started a YouTube channel for some "safe for work" content I wanted to make. It's mostly me trying on outfits, some vlog stuff, behind the scenes stuff, daily life stuff, product reviews, etc. A chance to shows fans my non-porn life.

My YouTube channel now has fans asking for a bit more but most requests are a little to dicey for YouTube (though they're not porn requests or anything like that) so a few suggested I create a Patreon page, which I did. Patreon allows nudity but not sex or porn so what I have in mind would be okay there. I read every bit of the guidelines and terms to make sure my content would be okay.

Of course it's not that easy. Patreon is a pain in the butt because, while they will host photos, they won't host video on their servers. That means you have to use an outside source to host your video files and link them to Patreon. They recommend Vimeo. Okay, fair enough. I confirmed that what I wanted to do was okay on Vime…

FAQ: A Little Bit About Milf Stella

I get asked a lot of questions everyday. I mean, a literal metric shit-ton of question (by weight, not volume). Most are personal questions about me and often they're a little too personal so I won't answer them. Other times they're just fine and I answer them. So I figured I'd post some of the most popular questions here. It's going to sound like I'm a bitch, but I'm really not, I just have no patience for morons.

How can I see more of you?
There is only one way, join one of my Fan Club subscriptions. I'm on MV Crush, Pornhub Fan Club, and OnlyFans. I also have a free YouTube channel.

Hey! Hi! How are you? What are you up to? What's new?
The single most annoying question I get is a variation on those. It's as if every guy on the planet is one and the same and the unoriginal and most boring person ever. I'm not trying to be rude, but for fuck's sake I don't want to make small talk with you. Do you really care how I'm doing? Of cou…

Porn Report: Eleven Months In. We've Revealed Our Faces!

We're a full 11 months into our pornographic lifestyle. We now have over 300 videos on Pornhub! We're also on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. In case you haven't read about it, we've revealed our faces. No more masks or blurring. We're out, watch the full face reveal (with anal) here!

During January of 2020, we did around 353k video views on Pornhub which is a big decrease from the 485k we did in December. Subscribers jumped around 1,618 which is close to the 1,650 we did in December. Not terrible but the view drop is a little disappointing to us. Most of it seemed timed around the big "adult industry" shows happening in the US in January and after those shows ended our views did pick up a bit, but then tapered off a little again. We have no idea why this is exactly.
Show Me The Money We both know you're here for one reason and that's to learn how much money we're making in our porn empire. First, you might want to see what we did last time a…

We've Decided To Reveal Our Faces!!! OMG, What Are We Thinking?!?!

February 2, 2020, a date that will live in infamy...

Oh, alright, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But for us, 2/2/20 is a big day. It's the day we're revealing our faces. The mask comes off. The blurring go away. For good. We've always hidden our faces behind a mask and/or blur but today that all changes. Want to skip the reading and go right to the video? You can watch it here.
Why Hide? Originally, hiding faces was more about privacy than anything else. We're not ashamed of making porn in any way. We're not even that worried about friends and family finding out about us. Sure, it will be awkward at first but I even wrote about this scenario in What To Do When Your Secret Porn Life Is Discovered By Friends & Family so we were prepared for that anyhow.

But the mask made it feel like an extra layer of privacy. Sure, it wasn't fooling a close friend but it might be fooling a random stranger that sees me out in public. That was the original intention of it be…