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Should You Sell Your Porn At

As we continue to make more and more porn, we also look for more and more places to sell our porn. This often means testing the waters at a variety of sites to see if it's worth uploading our collection of 250+ videos to them or not. If you'd like to see where else we sell and how much we make each month, read our Porn Report series.

This post will be about and whether you should sell your videos at Rather than drag this question out, I'll just give you the answer: NO. No, you should NOT sell your videos at and here's why...

1. It's a small time site. While this alone isn't a big deal, it just doesn't seem to get much traffic overall. I don't get any messages, friend requests, etc. Not a single one. On just about any other site I deal with a constant stream of messages, comments, friend requests, etc every day. To not have anything here tells me this site is dead.

2. No sales. We have had around 50 videos li…

Porn Report: Nine Months In. How Much Money We Make In Porn

We're a full 9 months into our pornographic lifestyle. We're still releasing new videos every day and we now have 225+ videos on Pornhub!

During November of 2019, we did around 400,000 video views on Pornhub which is a drop of around 150k views when compared to October. Ouch. Subscribers jumped over 1,600 which is still good even if not as good as the 1,800 we gained in October.

So why did views fall so much? It seems to mostly be tied to the Pornhub ranking system which has been out for a while now but recently had some bugs and so they re-did the ranking system. We were ranking in the high 300s (meaning, we were in the top 400 of all amateur porn models on Pornhub) but dropped to around 700. Right as that change happened we watched our daily views drop. Not a big deal to us but clearly it made a negative impact on views and money which we'll get to soon.

The ranking seems to be directly tied to performance (no secret there) but it seemed like when we had a lower (better)…

Cheap Bastards - And How Not To Be One

Guys, we need to talk. You have a serious problem we need to work on. If you've read Manners & Etiquette: How Not To Message MILF Stella then you already know how shitty you are at communicating with women. If you haven't stop and read it now.

If you read that blog post and skip to the Free Stuff section I talk a little about tipping your favorite porn stars and porn models. Most of us make porn to make money. Sure, many of us also enjoy making porn and fucking but at the end of the day, at least for people like me, this is a full time job and I need to earn money. All of that lingerie, lube, lighting, cameras, etc isn't cheap. And around $9,000 USD worth of new boobs doesn't pay itself off.

I do my best to let you stream as many as my videos as possible for free on Pornhub. But that alone doesn't bring in a ton of money, not enough to live off of. I also sell videos there (and other sites) but on top of that it's common courtesy to send tips. Think about a…

Is Squirt Real Or Just Pee?

I don't know what the fascination with "squirt" is when it comes to porn. Guys seem to love it though. Not sure what squirt is? It's when a girl squirts liquid out of her vagina during some sort of sexual act. It can be anything from a small dribble to a spray that could put out a California wildfire!

But what is squirt exactly? It's not female "cum", that's entirely different. Many want to believe that squirt is its own thing for some reason. The reality is that squirt is piss. That's right, it's just piss. Pee. Urine. Nothing more.

Many have debated this for years but it is a medical fact that squirt is pee. We can site many medical websites but you can Google that as well and pick your favorite site to confirm it or read this well respected medical site. Think about it, do you really think girls walk around with a tank of some magical liquid they squirt out when your manliness makes them orgasm extra good?

Still not convinced? Watch where…

Porn Report: Eight Months In. Seasonal Dips?

Here we are with eight months of amateur porn to show from our new life. We're still releasing new videos every day and we now have almost 200 videos on Pornhub!

During October of 2019, we did around 553,000 video views on Pornhub which is about 16% better than in September. We gained over 1,800 new subscribers, over 20% more than in September. So we're growing which is exciting!
Show Me The Money We both know you're here for one reason and that's to learn how much money we're making in our porn empire. First, you might want to see what we did last time around to get up to speed, so you can read that here.

So let's dig into the numbers and see how much money we made making amateur porn during the month of October 2019 (all in USD, rounding to whole dollars)... = $586 = $207 = $15 = $20 = $39 = $0 = $8

OCTOBER 2019 TOTAL = $875

Total dollars by month from all sites combined...

Manners & Etiquette: How Not To Message MILF Stella

You have a problem. If you stumbled onto this please read and learn. If you were sent here because you messaged me and I gave you this link then REALLY read it and PAY ATTENTION before you message me back.

If I sent you this link it's because you're clueless. But don't worry, I'm not upset with you. Well, I might be but only if you were really rude or called me names. Regardless, I want to help you be a better person and a better communicator. I want to help you talk to women because, obviously, you don't know how or I wouldn't have sent this link to you!
Being Rude When talking with any women, manners and etiquette are very important as I covered in Manners & Etiquette: A Guide To Communicating With Porn Stars & Sex Workers. Nobody likes rude people so why on earth would you think it's okay to be rude to a women that you don't even know? Well, maybe it's because you don't know what rude is so let me explain.

Rude is calling me a name ot…

Should I Buy From B&H Photo? In Short, NO!

If you're at all serious about making porn then you need to learn how to edit your videos. Sure, amateur porn can be as simply as point your iThing at your junk and uploading it. But real pro-amateurs know that video editing is a key to success.

As I've talked about here and here, the best video editing software is Davinci Resolve. Even better, it's 100% free! But they also offer a paid version known as Davinci Resolve Studio. It's the same as the free version with some extra bells and whistles that the majority of porn makers will never need.

Davinci Resolve (DR) is free but Davinci Resolve Studio (DRS) costs around $300 USD. So why pay $300 for features you'll never need? Most of you wouldn't and that's okay. But Stefano and I got to a point where we're making money in porn (see our Porn Reports for the exact amounts) and we felt that it was only right that we purchase DRS for $300 as a way to support them for helping us make money.

In this day of ele…

My Crappy Experience With

For those that follow my blog or our life of porn, you know that we sell a lot of porn in a lot of places. I'm always looking for new websites and new audiences that may be interested in our videos so I'm always trying new sites to sell on.

One that I was hoping to test with is called which is the same people who also run Unfortunately, my initial experience with was so bad that I canceled my account with them before even getting to upload. It was so bad that I want to share my experience here so others can avoid the hassle I had.

My issue with is one of privacy, or lack thereof. During the sign up process they ask for a phone number. I'm not a fan of giving out my phone number to anyone, much less a porn site. But I do understand that sometimes it is needed for legal reasons and sometimes to send a one time code to verify an account so I'm okay with that.

So I entered my phone number with the intention of changing …

What To Do When Your Secret Porn Life Is Discovered By Friends & Family

So you want to make porn and remain anonymous, right? Then stop right now and do NOT make any porn! That's it. Period. You simply cannot make porn videos and expect to remain anonymous forever. Being found out in this world is not about IF, it's about WHEN.

I know what you're thinking here. You'll wear a mask and nobody will recognize you. Only, they will. We all know who batman is. Okay, so you'll edit your porn so your entire head is NEVER shown. Well, that may slow down the recognition but it won't stop it.

People who know you know what your body looks like. Maybe it's a tattoo, a piercing, a birthmark, or just your body shape and style. Maybe your cat walks by in a video. Or maybe your room is recognizable. I mean, how many people bought that ugly orange couch from Ikea! Whatever it is, it's recognizable to those who know you. I wear a mask and always knew the best it would do is slow down being recognized. In fact, I get more people who think I'…

The One About Consent

An interesting happened recently, a person from my past found the porn that Stefano and I make online. This person, who we'll simple call Asshat (because that's how Stefano and I refer to him), contacted me out of the blue (when they had been asked to NEVER contact me again no less).

Asshat emailed me what was obviously a message of disappointment under the guise of concern. Fortunately, I no longer allow people to play mind games with me so I saw through their nonsense and refused to play along.

But that email implied that I was somehow unhappy making porn with my husband and that somehow maybe I was being forced into making porn. If you've watched any of my porn you can see that Stefano and I love what we do. Our love and enjoyment of fucking comes through loud and clear in pretty much every video we make. Not only are we both consenting adults, but I was actually the one who suggested we get into make porn in the first place!

All of this got me thinking about consent in…

The Boob Job: Part 1

It's happening! I'm getting a boob job. I know fans will have mixed feelings on this subject. Some will not be pleased as they like natural boobs. Others will probably like the idea of huge boobs on me because, well, big boobs are just awesome!
Why A Boob Job Now? I've been talking about the boob job with some fans through Pornhub messaging for a while now and everyone wants to know if I'm getting implants because we make porn now. The answer to that is no, it actually has nothing to do with porn.

Sure, it will likely improve our porn and bring in new followers because, as we just covered, big boobs are just awesome! But even if we weren't making porn I'd still be getting larger boobs installed because I've always wanted them.

I started out with very small boobs (think A cup size) but after becoming a mom my boobs actually got really large (DD+ size). Over the last year or two I've been losing weight and with that my boobs also are shrinking. You can ev…

Everything You Need To Make Porn: Lights, Cameras, Toys, Lube, & More

I'm constantly messaged by people who want to get into porn but don't know what equipment to buy or use. It's getting to be such a common conversation that I wanted to take some time and write down everything we use in shooting our amateur porn right here...

I talk about lighting a lot in this post. But it's a topic most people still don't understand. Lighting is often far more important than your camera or anything else you're going to use to make porn. You see, if you don't have enough light then the camera (no matter how good) simply won't take a good video. Your footage will end up dark and noisy (grainy).

Unless you're shooting outside in the sun, you need to add lighting. There might be some indoor exceptions to that, if you have enough sunlight flooding your room for example, but 9 out of 10 times you'll need to add light. Turn on all lights you have in your room but then get one of these LED stand lights (better yet, get this two p…

How To Find A Girl To Make Porn With

So, you're a horny guy who wants to have sex with as many girls as you can. Or maybe you want to get into porn to make some serious cash. Bottom line? You want to fuck girls and you think making porn is the way to go.

But finding girls to have sex with isn't always easy. Finding girls who will let you video that sex is even more difficult. The logical solution is to hop onto your favorite porn tube site become "friends" with a bunch of girls and ask them if they want to make videos with you, right? WRONG! Some may lead you to believe it can happen but it's all a lie because sex workers lie because we want you to like us, watch us, tip us, etc. I cover more about that in The Truth About Dick Pics which you must also read.

Finding a girl or porn start on a porn site may sound logical but the reality is far different. Fact: Most professional or amateur porn stars on sites like aren't going to have sex with you. Sure, there might be a handful on there…

Porn Report: Seven Months In. The Daily Fuck Life.

Here we are with seven months of amateur porn to show from our new life. If you read the Porn Report: Six Months In from last month you already know we pretty much released a new video every day of that month. Well, September is no different and we released videos daily (well, I think we missed one day). We now have 160 videos on Pornhub!

During September of 2019, we did around 475,000 video views on Pornhub which is around what we did the previous month. We gained around 1,500 new subscribers, a bit more than the previous month.
Show Me The Money We both know you're here for one reason and that's to learn how much money we're making in our porn empire. First, you might want to see what we did last time around to get up to speed, so you can read that here.

So let's dig into the numbers and see how much money we made making amateur porn during the month of September 2019 (all in USD, rounding to whole dollars)... = $594 = $449 = $23

The Truth About Dick Pics (And Butthole Photos)!

Okay guys, listen up because this one is going to hurt a bit. But you need to know the truth about dick photos and butthole photos because shit is getting out of control.

A photo of a good looking women is a great. Men and women can generally both agree on that, right? A photo of a women's boobs is great, at least assuming it's a decent pair. And who doesn't like a nice pussy photo (at least if it's shaved because vag pubes are gross)? We even like female butt photos and if there's a female butthole that's okay too (as long as it's clean!).

So, as a guy, you're probably thinking, "If a vagina turns me on then a dick pic will turn her on!" Only, that isn't the case. In general, 99.9% of women do NOT enjoy dick pics at all. Period. In general, 99.999% of women do NOT enjoy male butthole pics at all. Period.

Sure, there are some women out there that break this rule and if you find one of those eight women worldwide then good for you because y…

Porn Report: Six Months In. Taking It Like A Champ!

Stefano and I have officially been making hardcore, amateur pornography for around six months now. In that time we've fucked a lot. I mean a lot! August was an insane month where we put out almost one new video every day. That puts us at over 135 videos on our Pornhub profile!

In addition to that, our Pornhub profile (which is the main site we use to gauge month over month success) now has 1.7 million views (seems like just yesterday that we hit one million) with almost 8,000 subscribers. Wow. We're flattered by the responses we're seeing from fans, it's an amazing feeling to read your comments daily.
Show Me The Money Yea, if you're a fan of my monthly Porn Report posts we both know you're here for one reason and that's to learn how much money we're making in our porn empire. First, you might want to see what we did last time around to get up to speed, so you can read that here.

So let's dig into the numbers and see how much money we made making am…

Getting Started In Porn - Part 5: Treat It Like A Business

If you haven't already, you'll want to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 in my Getting Started In Porn series before jumping into Part 5 (this post).
Hopefully by now you've made some videos, are used to editing and uploading, and are finding that with each shoot things get a little bit easier. So now let's focus on streamlining, meeting goals, and staying focused with regular video releases. Basically, let's go over how to treat your porn business like an actual business, because it is one!

Anyone who's ever run a small business of their own knows that you have to streamline to be efficient. Well, your porn business is no different. This covers everything from pre-planning scenes to storing all of your outfits and toys properly. Tracking Systems Start by keeping a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, etc) of the videos you're shooting. The first column should be the date you shot it on. Then make more columns called: Edited, Rendered, Backed Up, Uploa…

Porn Report: Five Month's In. Time To Grow!

It's hard to believe Stefano and I have been making porn for around five months now. We've amassed a large collection of videos, currently over 100 can be found at Pornhub, and even hit major milestones like our one millionth view on Pornhub (celebratory Fucktacular video can be found here).
Keeping It Real Speaking of reaching 1,000,000 views. As I talked about in MILESTONE Report: One Million Views On Pornhub, our original goal was to reach 1 million views by the end of 2019 (along with trying to get 5,000 subscribers and at least 50 videos by then). Exceeding our goals so early (1.1 million views, 6,000+ subscribers, and over 100 videos in 5 months rather than 10) is a huge accomplishment.

It's an even bigger deal because, unlike some content producers, we try to make quality porn that we'd watch (because, well, we do watch our own porn. A lot!). That means we're not uploading some boring 30 second clip. The vast majority of our videos are 10-20 minutes long and…