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The Truth About Dick Pics (And Butthole Photos)!

Okay guys, listen up because this one is going to hurt a bit. But you need to know the truth about dick photos and butthole photos because shit is getting out of control.

A photo of a good looking women is a great. Men and women can generally both agree on that, right? A photo of a women's boobs is great, at least assuming it's a decent pair. And who doesn't like a nice pussy photo (at least if it's shaved because vag pubes are gross)? We even like female butt photos and if there's a female butthole that's okay too (as long as it's clean!).

So, as a guy, you're probably thinking, "If a vagina turns me on then a dick pic will turn her on!" Only, that isn't the case. In general, 99.9% of women do NOT enjoy dick pics at all. Period. In general, 99.999% of women do NOT enjoy male butthole pics at all. Period.

Sure, there are some women out there that break this rule and if you find one of those eight women worldwide then good for you because y…

Porn Report: Six Months In. Taking It Like A Champ!

Stefano and I have officially been making hardcore, amateur pornography for around six months now. In that time we've fucked a lot. I mean a lot! August was an insane month where we put out almost one new video every day. That puts us at over 135 videos on our Pornhub profile!

In addition to that, our Pornhub profile (which is the main site we use to gauge month over month success) now has 1.7 million views (seems like just yesterday that we hit one million) with almost 8,000 subscribers. Wow. We're flattered by the responses we're seeing from fans, it's an amazing feeling to read your comments daily.
Show Me The Money Yea, if you're a fan of my monthly Porn Report posts we both know you're here for one reason and that's to learn how much money we're making in our porn empire. First, you might want to see what we did last time around to get up to speed, so you can read that here.

So let's dig into the numbers and see how much money we made making am…