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Banned From Commenting On Pornhub?

Dear Pornhub,

I love you. But sometimes you drive me nuts. Today my complaint is that you temporarily disabled my ability to comment yet haven't told me why or for how long the ban is. All you did was send me this email out of the blue...
Hello SexWithMilfStella,  Your commenting abilities have been temporarily disabled for violating our Terms and Conditions. Continued abuse will lead to the loss of commenting privileges. In the future please be mindful of what you share and how often you share posts in the Pornhub community. I have no idea what I've done wrong. I've read your terms and conditions and I'm very much a rule follower. I even make a point not to post negative comments, I don't post any spammy comments ever, I don't post links on videos from others, and if I post a link in a comment on my own videos it's only to a full version of the video on your site or to buy the video on model hub (your site as well) and those are rare anyhow.

But when…

YouTube's Broken 18+ Policy

I make porn for a living but I also started a YouTube channel where I make non-nude, non-pornographic videos for fun. I do some "daily life" vlog videos and product review videos there, go take a look. It's all quite tame and if I even think something is less than tame I mark it as an 18+ video so you have to be 18 or older to see it.

So far so good. But I've had a lot of issues with YouTube lately and it's driving me nuts. The problem is that their guidelines are incredibly vague so it's hard to know what is and isn't allowed in general, but harder still to know what qualifies for an 18+ video. This. Is. Frustrating! What's worse is that there is no way to get support from YouTube and their help articles are worthless.
Case #1 - Video: Bodysuit thoughts and review

I uploaded a video titled "Bodysuit thoughts and review" where I show off and give my opinions on a new bodysuit I bought. To do that I wear the bodysuit but this bodysuit is a li…


If you're a regular of this blog or follow me on Pornhub (etc), then you know Stefano and I are looking for a girl to shoot a threesome porno with. It has not been easy.

Sure, we've had a lot of offers from girls (or their husbands and boyfriends) but we quickly found issues. Some girls are just not our type at all and that just doesn't work for us as we don't want it to look fake and forced. We want someone cute and petite but get a lot of offers from girls that are really, well, too heavy for us. I don't care if you're overweight, but it's just not our thing. No offense meant.

When we do get a decent girl they have a husband or boyfriend and we only want the girl. Even those where the guy agrees not to be in the scene have issues because the guy either wants to watch (no thanks!) or has to at least come with (sorry, we're not paying for you to fly to us too, mister). Now, we do have some prospects we're working on so we'll see how that goes. A…

Porn Report: Ten Months In. I Just Got New 32DDD Boobs!

We're a full 10 months into our pornographic lifestyle. We're still releasing new videos every day and we now have over 265+ videos on Pornhub!

During December of 2019, we did around 485,000 video views on Pornhub which is an increase of 85k compared to the 400k we did in November. Subscribers jumped around 1,650 which is a bit more than the 1,600 we did in November. Overall, decent numbers even if not spectacular.
Show Me The Money We both know you're here for one reason and that's to learn how much money we're making in our porn empire. First, you might want to see what we did last time around to get up to speed, so you can read that here.

Now let's dig into the numbers and see how much money we made making amateur porn during the month of December 2019 (all in USD, rounding to whole dollars)... = $605 = $273 = $13 = $50 = $21 = $8 = $0 = $4 *