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Porn Report: Three Months Later Covered In Cum

Stefano and I have been making amateur porn for three full months now and since my first Porn Report (see Porn Report: Two Months In Balls Deep) did so well I think I'll do these regularly. The idea here is to do a "tell all" style article on how things are going in our neck of the amateur pornography woods (which contain lots of hardwood, haha).

You're Rich Now, Right? Everyone wants to know about the money so let's just talk about the money. After three months we've made a whopping total of $0 USD! Woohoo! Well, that's not completely true. We haven't received any actual money yet but we are owed money so let's break it down.

Our first month, which was March of 2019, wasn't really much to talk about. We were just setting up and started uploading then. We had around 10 videos. They weren't great because we were new and didn't know much about lighting, how to shoot, angles, or how to edit very well. So we accumulated $1.29. We're on…

Our First Threesome - Where To Begin?

Stefano and I want to add a threesome to our growing collection of free, amateur porn on Pornhub. But where does one even begin? There are a lot of questions to be answered and a lot of things that need to be in place for this to work. It's not as simple as find a girl and fuck. So, I figured I would document the process here and go over all of the stuff we need to figure out.

The Right Fit This is the most important one for us because it's not just about Stefano sticking his dick in the first wet hole that turns up. We want to find a girl we're both into. For us, this likely means somebody who is on the shorter and more petite side of the scale since I'm sort of tiny at 5' 2".

While I'm not skinny, I don't think we're looking for an overly large girl. I'm curvy and another curvy girl would be awesome. As would a more petite girl. We're not super picky on this but a 6 foot tall Amazon woman or a 200 pound 4 footer just isn't for us, eve…

Learning To Love Cum. Sort of.

It's no secret that I don't like cum. I fear the stuff. Even pre-cum. I've never liked cum from anyone. Ever. I enjoy giving Stefano blowjobs, but just don't like the pre-cum that oozes out of him while I do it. I used to hate the idea of having cum getting on me. Even dripping out of my pussy was gross. But I've started to warm up to it lately and here's how I'm starting to get over my fear of cum. Maybe it will help you too!

Use Flavored Condoms First up, condoms! I've been married to Stefano for 20 years now and we don't need condoms for sex. But we do use them for blowjobs now. It's something we've recently tried and I enjoy. Not always, but usually he puts one on for me if I plan to suck on him for more than a minute or two. Flavored condoms are the best, with strawberry being my favorite. You can see this for yourself with most of the blowjob scenes we have at Pornhub. The red condom is usually obvious in our videos.

To make the experi…

Non-Degrading Porn - Our Porn Mission

causing a loss of self-respect; humiliating. "cruel or degrading treatment"
That's the definition of degrading. When it comes to porn, there is a lot of it that would easily be considered degrading to women. Many would consider porn of any kind degrading to women, but that's simply not the case. I'm a woman and I love porn. I like making it more than watching it but I still enjoying watching it too, especially a little girl on girl action!

When Stefano and I set out to make porn we didn't want to follow trends and we didn't want to do anything degrading towards myself or any woman. You won't see Stefano slapping my face. You won't see him pissing on me. You won't see him calling me bitch, slut, whore, or other nasty names. It's not my thing and doing something I don't like would be a loss of my self-respect and humiliating to me and thus degrading.

Instead, we wanted to make the kind of porn we enjoy watching ourselv…

Porn Report: Two Months Later In Balls Deep

So Stefano and I have been making porn for just over 2 months now with our first video (crappy lighting and all) being shot on March 1st of 2019 (though uploaded days later). It's now May 8th and we're about to upload our 45th video. That's a LOT of porn in around 2 months!

Seems like this is a good time to reflect on things so here we go answering questions we get from our fans...

Any Regrets? Completely honesty here. We have zero regrets and fewer fucks to give. We're very pleased with our decision to enter the amateur porn industry and it's been great for our marriage as well. Porn isn't the answer for everyone but it was great for us.

Are You Buying Ferrari's With Your Earnings? Haha! Nope. Not even close. Two months later and we have around 85,000 views or so. That comes out to around $55 USD. We won't be retiring from this any time soon. But we didn't do it just for the money, nor should you. Very few make big bucks doing this. We've spent…