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Getting Started In Porn - Part 2

Hopefully you've started by reading Part 1 and have made some sort of pornography that you've recorded. So now what do you do?

Video Editing This is a massive subject but chances are good you'll need to edit your video. Sure, you can use your iPhone and make a video and upload it as is and that's okay to start. But fairly fast you'll want to be able to edit out slow parts, maybe blur or crop a face out (or remove that scene completely), adjusting lighting levels, or maybe just make that huge cum shot into a cool slow motion work of art.

Many computers come with some sort of free video editing option. Or maybe your phone has a way to edit videos. These are a good start but you'll quickly outgrow them. This is where you may want to look at a real video editor. Adobe Premier is a popular video editor but it's also pricey so skip that for now.

Instead, check out Davinci Resolve which you can download for free. They have a paid version with more bells and whistl…

How Can I Hide My Identity When Making Porn?

A big reason many people don't make porn is because they don't want their private life mixing with their public life. Maybe you don't want your parents, family members, or even friends and neighbors knowing what a little freak you are in bed. This is normal but there are ways you can hide who you are to the general public.

Note that if you plan to upload porn to sites like Pornhub so that you can make money, these sites WILL know who you are as they require your real name, location, and photo identification. That information is kept secret but in a world of online hackery you never know when a data breach could occur.

With that said, even though you plan to be private you should really think about the worst case scenario of being exposed. What will this mean to you? How will it impact your life, relationships, etc? Even with the best identity hiding techniques, your dirty little secret may be discovered and you should at least think about that. It might be something as sim…

Getting Started In Porn - Part 1

So you want to be a porn star and don't know how to get started? Yea, neither did we. But I researched it a lot and still couldn't find much to go on. That's why I started this blog. So I can share what I've learned and help others along the way (hopefully).

Just a month ago we were totally newbies when it comes to porn. A full month later and we're now, well, newbies still! BUT... We now know a LOT more than we did a month ago. This is a big topic so I will break it up into multiple posts. This post, Part 1, will focus on the basics you need to get started.

Get A Camera Before you do anything else, get yourself some sort of camera. Yes, this can be your phone for now. Don't waste money on the latest 4K handheld just yet, start with your phone. As the saying goes, the best camera to use is the one you have on you. And that's your phone for now.

Already have something better like a GoPro? Great, use it! Look at your GoPro settings and look for the FOV settin…

Why Did We Get Into Porn? Is It Right For You?

It's not like anyone is asking us why we got into porn, mostly because those who know us don't know we're making porn. Those who watch us online don't know us and are really just interested in watching our hot sex videos. But I feel like this would be a pretty common question to ask any "porn star" (or amateur porn talent).

So what made us do it? Well, we never really even watched porn as a couple. After 20 years of marriage we didn't really need it and only recently watched a little bit of it. Stefano likes it. He's a guy, of course he does! But I found I liked it as well, though usually the more "female friendly" type of porn.

We wanted to try something new. Be adventurous. And, yes, we wanted to make some extra money in the process. We're big fans of the "Do what you love, love what you do" saying. We love fucking each other. We love making money. It just made sense. Plus, we learned a lot about great sex from watching porn …

An intro. Because it's not what you think.

Ciao! I'm Stella. I'm married to Stefano and we just celebrated 20 years of marriage and decided it was time for something new in our lives. So we decided to become amateur porn stars. We're originally from Italy but currently reside in the USA but like to move around and try new places to live.

This blog isn't really about porn though. It's about all of the stuff that happens behind the porn videos. When we got into this business, about a month ago, we found it difficult to know where to start. There aren't a lot of porn stars that are big into sharing all of the details on how to make porn or where to offer (or sell it).

There's even less information on how much money can be made because people get a little touchy when it comes to talking about money or sharing their secret sauce on how to run a business. I think they assume we have to be in competition and don't want to give away their secrets, which aren't all that secret.

So I decided I would w…