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If you're a regular of this blog or follow me on Pornhub (etc), then you know Stefano and I are looking for a girl to shoot a threesome porno with. It has not been easy.

Sure, we've had a lot of offers from girls (or their husbands and boyfriends) but we quickly found issues. Some girls are just not our type at all and that just doesn't work for us as we don't want it to look fake and forced. We want someone cute and petite but get a lot of offers from girls that are really, well, too heavy for us. I don't care if you're overweight, but it's just not our thing. No offense meant.

When we do get a decent girl they have a husband or boyfriend and we only want the girl. Even those where the guy agrees not to be in the scene have issues because the guy either wants to watch (no thanks!) or has to at least come with (sorry, we're not paying for you to fly to us too, mister). Now, we do have some prospects we're working on so we'll see how that goes. And if you're interested in us, DM me on Twitter. Girls only (cute, petite, 18-45-ish ideally, no guys).

As part of this search I discovered where to find girls and where not to find girls and even wrote How To Find A Girl To Make Porn With. So I want to try some "model" agencies. Not sure why we use the term model, we're making porn people! We star in porn therefore we're porn stars. Accept it and own it!

Anyhow, I emailed several model agencies with the same questions. Most replied with answers quite fast. But one stood out and that was NEXXXT LEVEL TALENT AGENCY. I got a reply from J (I'll protect his name to be nice) who says he is an agent and co-owner, so sounds like a basement operation but who knows and even Apple started in a garage!

Rather than answer my questions like the other agencies had he told me to call him. Well, I don't like phone calls in the first place. Second, with email I can reference what was said rather than taking notes or whatever. Third, it's not always easy to hop on the phone and talk porn with people from my home.

I explained to J that email is best for me and just asked him to reply when he had time. He replied and said his agency wouldn't be the right fit for us. I guess that he didn't like the idea of someone not willing to talk to him for whatever reason. I explained that any company that couldn't answer some simple questions over email wasn't right for me either and told him how no other company has a problem replying. I thought that would be the end of it, then he replied...

Stella what the fuck is your problem? Are you so petty and rude that you need to reply like you did? It is clear from your video link that you are on the older side of life and I would expect a different level of professionalism from someone your age. I am now going to block all email responses from you, so I don’t have to be bothered by any of your silly remarks. This is exactly why we don’t deal with “Want-A-Be’s” like you.

...I then thanked him and told him I'd post this here, which I'm doing now. Why so rude J? Business not going well? I don't get it. I wasn't rude or nasty to J at all. Why am I unprofessional when you're calling me names and insulting me? Very strange behavior but my experience in life tells me that people like this should be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, like I told J, model agencies are a dime a dozen and I have a few that are very pleasant and happily working with me the way I like to work right now. Best of luck to you, J.


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