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Banned From Commenting On Pornhub?

Dear Pornhub,

I love you. But sometimes you drive me nuts. Today my complaint is that you temporarily disabled my ability to comment yet haven't told me why or for how long the ban is. All you did was send me this email out of the blue...
Hello SexWithMilfStella
Your commenting abilities have been temporarily disabled for violating our Terms and Conditions. Continued abuse will lead to the loss of commenting privileges. In the future please be mindful of what you share and how often you share posts in the Pornhub community. I have no idea what I've done wrong. I've read your terms and conditions and I'm very much a rule follower. I even make a point not to post negative comments, I don't post any spammy comments ever, I don't post links on videos from others, and if I post a link in a comment on my own videos it's only to a full version of the video on your site or to buy the video on model hub (your site as well) and those are rare anyhow.

But when I got this email I didn't post any links so I don't think it's that. I was watching a few videos like I do every morning and I left a few comments (all positive, usually just throwing out "thank yous" and that sort of thing). So what exactly did I do wrong?

You see, I really want to follow your rules but not knowing what I did makes that impossible to do. I'm worried I'll do whatever ever it is I did all over again once this temporary ban is over. Because of that, I've decided I'll basically just stop commenting on videos. This sucks because I have a lot of nice things to say, especially to friends I've made on your site. I'll still reply to thank people who comment on my videos, because it's rude not to, but you've scared me into not leaving comments for others and that sucks.

But I have to do this to reduce being banned from commenting as I can't have my account being flagged since I use it to make a living! I opened a support ticket with you on this as well so we'll see what you say when you reply, though that always takes a really long time. Maybe when you are going to temporarily ban somebody for something you could explain in the email exactly what they did wrong. Although the Internet is filled with bad people, I think most people are good and really do want to follow the rules. But, like me, if they have no idea what they did wrong how will they know what to avoid in the future?


PS - This is starting to feel like the two times Instagram banned my account, then re-instated it and never telling me why they did either. It feels a lot like YouTube's Broken 18+ Policy as well. Why can't big media companies just get their act together and work with us and help us understand what we're doing wrong so we can improve. You always think your endless terms and conditions are all you need but they're often hard to read and very vague. Help us help you because without us there is no you!


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