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Vimeo: A Case Study In Assery

So I've recently started a YouTube channel for some "safe for work" content I wanted to make. It's mostly me trying on outfits, some vlog stuff, behind the scenes stuff, daily life stuff, product reviews, etc. A chance to shows fans my non-porn life.

My YouTube channel now has fans asking for a bit more but most requests are a little to dicey for YouTube (though they're not porn requests or anything like that) so a few suggested I create a Patreon page, which I did. Patreon allows nudity but not sex or porn so what I have in mind would be okay there. I read every bit of the guidelines and terms to make sure my content would be okay.

Of course it's not that easy. Patreon is a pain in the butt because, while they will host photos, they won't host video on their servers. That means you have to use an outside source to host your video files and link them to Patreon. They recommend Vimeo. Okay, fair enough. I confirmed that what I wanted to do was okay on Vimeo per their guidelines. So I created a Vimeo account and picked the free option so I could test and figure out the site with a plan to upgrade to a pro account in a few days.

Videos uploaded, everything worked fine. A few days later I logged in to upgrade to a pro account and my account was deleted. I couldn't login. I contacted support and got a fast reply from Steve at Vimeo that said...
I have un-flagged your account for spam. Your account and videos should be back up and running., what? Spam? I didn't spam anything. I uploaded two videos, nothing more. He went on to say...
However, I noticed that you’re uploading videos that are commercial in nature. In order to host commercial content on Vimeo, you must upgrade to a Vimeo PRO or Business account., what? My videos are not commercial in any way. They were two safe for work videos from YouTube. No advertising, no commercial use, no pay walls, nothing. Completely free videos that I listed publicly (no payment required) on my new Patreon page to make sure it all worked okay.

I replied back to Steve and asked why I was flagged in the first place because I wanted to make sure that if I did something wrong I wouldn't do it again. I actually am a rule follower! Turns out, I didn't do anything wrong, they're just clueless at Vimeo. I then got a nasty email telling me I had 14 days to upgrade my account to a pro account or they would deleted it. WTF Vimeo!

Ugh. Fast forward a day and rather than getting ANY of my questions answered I get this email...

Hi there,
My name is James and I work on the Trust & Safety team here at Vimeo.
It sounds like your account wasn't evaluated properly.
Vimeo does not allow erotic or sexually focused content that is linked to pay-per-view, subscription, or other paid membership sites.
As a result, we've closed your account.
We wish you all the best in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.
James S., what? That's right, they killed my account once again! Not only did they not reply to my questions they deleted it again. I can't login, not that I want to at this point because there is no scenario where I'd give the morons at Vimeo a penny. But what sort of company treats its customers this way? Answer: The one that won't be in business soon.

Not only is my Vimeo account perfectly safe for all audiences (no nudity or sex topics of any kind!) it does not link to any pay-per-view, subscription, or paid membership sites of any kind. None. Nada. Zip. In what world is it okay for a company to completely kill off your account when you haven't violated any rules? More importantly, why would a company want to treat a customer like this?

The simple fact is that they didn't take more than 2 seconds to look at my account or read the 4 questions I asked them. If they had, they'd see that I'm not doing anything wrong at all. But they jumped the gun and thought it would be easier to kill my account. Never have I hoped a business would fail more than Vimeo!

So, if you were thinking of using Vimeo to host anything I would strongly suggest you use any other service. Literally any other service. Don't use Vimeo. Ever. Period.

Dear Vimeo,

You suck balls.



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