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We've Decided To Reveal Our Faces!!! OMG, What Are We Thinking?!?!

February 2, 2020, a date that will live in infamy...

Oh, alright, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But for us, 2/2/20 is a big day. It's the day we're revealing our faces. The mask comes off. The blurring go away. For good. We've always hidden our faces behind a mask and/or blur but today that all changes. Want to skip the reading and go right to the video? You can watch it here.

Why Hide?

Originally, hiding faces was more about privacy than anything else. We're not ashamed of making porn in any way. We're not even that worried about friends and family finding out about us. Sure, it will be awkward at first but I even wrote about this scenario in What To Do When Your Secret Porn Life Is Discovered By Friends & Family so we were prepared for that anyhow.

But the mask made it feel like an extra layer of privacy. Sure, it wasn't fooling a close friend but it might be fooling a random stranger that sees me out in public. That was the original intention of it because we want to put on a good show for our fans but also keep our private life to ourselves. Realistically, the mask wasn't even doing that and was more of a false hope than anything else. The mask was like a security gate in a gated community or a screen door with a lock on it. It's a false sense of security. Even knowing that, it was still tough to give it up.

Why Now?

Well, why not I guess is the best I can say. We decided to do the reveal video on our Pornhub profile first and it turned out that this would also happen to be the 300th video we've uploaded so that had a nice ring to it. It's also sort of fun that the date happens to be 2/2/20. Maybe it's kismet.

But the bigger reason is that the mask I wear isn't keeping my face hidden from those who know me anyhow (family and friends). I've already had one person recognise me online, though that person is a piece of shit law enforcement individual that clearly abused is cop powers to do so fuck that guy. But when you have 300 videos online with millions of views it's just a matter of time before people you know find you. So I guess we'd rather do this on our terms rather than being "caught" or whatever it might look like to our friends and family.

Stefano and I are happily married and in love. We're doing nothing wrong. There is no shame in sex. There is no shame in porn. No more fauxcades as I like to say.

Without further ado, go watch our face reveal video (after the mask comes off there is a lot of anal fucking and a huge cumshot on my big tits too).


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