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The Problem With Pornhub Exporting Your Videos To YouPorn, RedTube, and Tube8

I love the majority of how Pornhub works. I like how they allow me to opt in to this service they offer like this one...

OPTIONAL SERVICES: Opt-in to automatically protect your content on free websites and gain 5% bonus ad revenue

...which basically says that any video you upload for streaming to Pornhub will only go on Pornhub. You can still sell them as downloads on other sites but you can only stream them on Pornhub. In exchange, they give you a 5% ad revenue bonus (which is peanuts to be clear) but they also protect your content as part of this program.

How Does Pornhub Protect My Content?

Simple, when they find your videos streaming on other sites they send a DMCA takedown notice to that site to get it removed. You could do this yourself but it's very time consuming. And you sending a DMCA probably doesn't carry the same weight as when Pornhub sends a DMCA.

So I opted in to this service so that they can send DMCAs on my behalf. And they have several times and it mostly works even if it's not perfect. For example, if a site ignores the DMCA I doubt Pornhub is going to take them to court on your behalf. But most sites are businesses and comply. Great!

But DMCA is a Band-Aid fix and doesn't solve the problem of content being stolen in the first place. So this got me wondering how my content was being stolen so much. In this business, you know it will happen but just how much it happens was concerning to me.

How Does My Porn Keep Getting Stolen?

There are many ways of course. A customer could buy it and simply copy it to other sites. Or maybe somebody is using one of those tools to take something you stream for free on Pornhub and capture the stream and convert it to a download (that's a lot of effort, relative to other options though).

Then, I found some of my videos on Tube8. They were there on purpose because Pornhub has an option to export some of your videos to their "network" sites. When a video gets popular on Pornhub they copy it, with your permission, to YouPorn, RedTube and Tube8 and you get more views and more income. It's a good thing, right?

Yes and no. Yes because you get more views and exposure and more money, but no because these other "tube" sites let anyone download your entire video for free! This isn't mentioned on Pornhub when you let them copy your videos over so only because I stumbled onto this do I even know it. This is annoying.

Here I am, trying to profit from my porn and here these other sites are letting anyone download my stuff for free! You don't even have to login to do download videos for free. Ugh. This is beyond annoying because, and I'm only guessing here, this is how most of my porn is likely being stolen and copied all over the place. It's the low hanging fruit to steal free porn and thus the most logical answer as to how my porn is being stolen.

I've emailed support on this but I'm still waiting for a reply. But if you'd like to stop this go into your Pornhub Model page and the Settings. Scroll down, and check the box next to where it reads...

Disable future exports to YouPorn, RedTube and Tube8. Please note you will earn less overall. To manage or delete your videos on YouPorn, RedTube, or Tube8 proceed to their site and log in with your Pornhub credentials.

...and this will stop FUTURE videos you upload from exporting to those network sites. As for the videos already on those sites, you have to login to each to remove them. There is a "login with Pornhub" option on each so it should be easy to do. In my case, the login button doesn't work as I use Two Factor Authentication on Pornhub which seems to have a bug that won't allow me to login to their network sites. I've been trying for a year or so and reported it as a bug to Pornhub a year or so ago but it's still not fixed. So I'm screwed but hopefully this saves you before it gets too bad.

I really wish Pornhub would work with these network sites and flag any exported videos as "do not allow free downloads" but until that happens I would suggest checking the "Disable Future Exports" box in your Pornhub account.


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